‘It’ girls

May 15th, 2011

While listening to a few Aerosmith songs, I felt a strong surge of nostalgia and looked up the ultimate ’90s chick, Alicia Silverstone (who appeared in several Aerosmith videos). At the time I was just starting to be introduced to pop culture in the mid-’90s, she had just starred in Clueless and was one of the prettiest things on TV. Magazines loved her.

This was my favorite cover of Alicia Silverstone. I had this issue back then and obsessively pored through every page of YM and Seventeen I could get because we had no local teen mags, and the imported ones were expensive.

When she appeared on the cover, Seventeen hit the one-million mark for the first time. And check out the references: Brad Renfro, Claire Danes, Green Day. Classic.

I miss the wide-eyed, wholesome look of female stars back in the ’90s—with the exception of Winona Ryder, girls weren’t smoky-eyed and gaunt. Claire Danes, Larisa Oleynik, and Melissa Joan Hart ruled the teen magazines, and none of them were remotely like fashionable waifs that are so popular nowadays. I admit that the girls nowadays are prettier, but the ones in the ’90s were more real.

Every generation needs a golden-haired goddess. The ’90s had Alicia. I still think she was seriously pretty at her peak, but a little on the big side by today’s standards. The female leads on current shows will probably diet themselves into oblivion if they had arms like these now, but then again, they’ll never attain her superstar status post-Clueless.

Notice that this skimpily dressed crouching position will later become a staple for future stars

2003′s answer to Alicia Silverstone was Mischa Barton of The O.C., and she was a lot skinnier when she played Marissa Cooper.

Behold the skimpily dressed 'it' girl in a crouching position.

When Gossip Girl came out a few years ago, all eyes were on the rebellious blonde, Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively. She had a little more meat on her bones than Mischa Barton. I think she’s interesting, but maybe the least pretty of the three girls.

And she's now a Chanel spokesperson.

And here's the requisite crouching shot.

Blonde trainwreck characters have a certain look.

#sentisabado, part one

August 29th, 2010

Last night’s popular Twitter hashtag came in the form of #sentisabado, which had people Tweeting about their favorite ’90s moments—and there were many. All the “Dear Diary, Carlo sat beside me today” and “Bahaw, ang kaning lamig” references made it clear that a lot of twenteensomethings spent last night reliving the decade that brought them up.

A few months ago, I talked about the ’90s commercials that defined my childhood, as well as the junk food that I ate, which were all part of last night’s nostalgia trip. And then people started bringing up ’90s fashion, which made me think of the stuff I used to wear back in grade school. One thing that saved me from complete fashion victim status was parental intervention. Although I very much wanted to get some of the trendier items, like Doc Martens and denim jumper shorts, my parents weren’t so gung-ho about letting me wear them (I did wear a lot of printed leggings though). However, I still managed to wear most of the ’90s trends below.

Which were the ones that you wore?

The quintessential '90s look. (These photos were taken in 2005 as a spoof photo shoot for Inquirer; my friend Katrina was game enough to pose for them. She doesn't usually dress like this, I promise!)

Dresses worn over shirts
It was the early stages of layering when black spaghetti-strapped dresses worn over plain white shirts became popular with girls during the early ’90s (no other color combinations were acceptable). This outfit was worn with Keds and tube socks or clogs.

Tretorn sneakers and Doc Martens were hot

Doc Martens
Every kid had to have a pair of Doc Martens. If you didn’t, you were sent to a corner to shiver over your lack of coolness (myself included). Doc Martens were worn with everything, from dresses to jeans to overalls, and came in a variety of styles and colors. Tretorns were also pretty popular, although in our school, they were also eventually used as P.E. shoes.

Blame it on Kurt Cobain and the smell of teen spirit – the early ’90s were dominated by teens with unwashed hair in ripped jeans, flannel shirts and grubby sneakers.

Sunflowers and matte makeup

Sunflower everything
Sunflower hats, clothes, accessories—it was the flower of the decade, if there was ever such a thing.

Statement clothes and accessories
Shirts and necklaces with smart-aleck words and phrases such as ”Whatever,” ”Yeah, right” and ”As if” sold like hotcakes. Also popular at that time were hippie-inspired smiley faces, peace signs, the yin-yang symbol, and flowers. (Statement shirts were pretty popular last year, proof that fashion is always recycled).

High-waisted, tapered jeans, midriff (a.k.a "hanging") top, folded hat.. a classic '90s look

Midriff/”hanging” shirts
Now, it’s all about long and lean shirts. In the ’90s, the closer the hem of the shirt was to the belly button, the cooler it was.

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