Fall fashion is awesome

October 10th, 2010

…and so was my birthday!

I promised myself a birthday treat yesterday, so after a delicious lunch, I went shopping at H&M. (On an unrelated note, I love it that I can get away with numerous layers and boots while I’m in Berlin). I saw a pretty, ruffled camel-hued dress (nude tones + ruffled chiffon = me), but as it was one of the key pieces in the Fall 2010 collection, all the smaller sizes were understandably taken.

The only ones left were huge enough to fit in two anorexic models; I checked five—count it, five—H&M stores just to be sure. A little crestfallen, I went back to the first (and biggest) store I visited, and picked out a sensible-but-trendy gray blazer to wear for the office and other events.

When I looked at the rack of the ruffled nude dresses again, I blinked and looked more closely. There, right on the racks, was a lonely size 34 nestled among the 44s and 48s. Someone had apparently tried it on and returned it; I snatched it up and went to the dressing room, where other women surreptitiously checked out the frilly thing draped over my arm. I held my breath (quite literally, because it’s a tight 34; the dress has a built-in corset) and looked at the mirror. It was pretty and impractical—something that I can’t really wear a lot—but it was the perfect birthday dress. I headed to the cashier feeling like a winner.

My birthday had a couple of surprises as well; I can’t say anything yet, because whether those surprises will turn out to be gifts or not will still be decided in the next few months (also entirely up to me). Still, my first birthday abroad, which was spent in complete, glorious solitude, turned out to be a lot more fun and productive than I thought. Even managed to hear mass at St. Hedwig’s Catheral, which is apparently the seat of the bishop in Berlin.

Looking back, my 25th year (still can’t fathom than I’m 26), entailed a lot of drama. But it also brought a lot of things that I never dreamed could happen. Most of it was spent gearing up to face something more challenging, and I’m guessing that my 26th year is only part two. I’d like to think that I’m ready and willing to take on almost anything.

Forever.. 25?

August 12th, 2010

While everyone’s been running of to Forever21 for their fill of clothes and accessories, I’ve managed to stay away for three reasons:

1. When Forever21 opened, I had just gotten back from Hong Kong. Hong Kong has two H&M outlets. H&M > Forever21. Also, lack of money > shopping.

2. Forever21 is in Megamall. One of my least favorite malls since my viewing of “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros” was ruined by some teenage morons yakking on the cellphone repeatedly (and with the usherette not doing anything).

3. I don’t wear a lot of accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but always manage to forget to put on a little frosting before I step out the door. Forever21 accessories look great on a lot of people I know; they always seem to pop up in our shoots in Metro nowadays. One time, Grace and Tricia turned up at a shoot with the exact same necklace, an ebony crucifix hanging from a string of beads. It looked great on them, but on me, the look was different: I looked like a runaway nun from a convent.

Other than that, I do like Forever21′s basic shirts and some of their dresses, but I generally feel I’m too old for some of their edgier accessories, like rhinestone rings that look like brass knuckles.

That, or I never was really into hardware in the first place (I prefer cloth-based accessories such as scarves and soft belts, plus some hair items).

So much for being forever 21! It used to be my favorite brand when I was a teen, after a cousin introduced it to me in the U.S. But earlier this year, I found myself looking at the super-short, ultra frilly dresses and finally saying “no.”

What I still like: the color. What I'd think twice about wearing: the shiny cloth and the giant bow (in front)

All those jewel colors are now replaced by neutral and nude hues.

I really don’t know. I’d still shop at Forever21, but it no longer makes my heart beat faster (nowadays, foie gras does that). When I hit 25, I started wearing toned-down, neutral stuff that could be mixed and matched. On one hand, it’s more practical. On the other hand, I don’t want to give up all my frou-frou clothes. So somewhere along the way, I started making compromises.

I have this skirt in 3 different colors: black, cream, and blush pink.

I guess it works out that way!

(Day 1, entry 2 of the 30-Day Blog Challenge)